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Vintage corsets invite us to return to those erotic days of yesteryear, when corsets of whalebone, heavy stays and laces shaped the feminine form to perfection and made a man’s heart pulsate with lust.

How ironic that a garment originally designed to de-emphasis the sexual appearance of woman became a source of erotic stimulation to man. The Greeks of the late classical period devised bands to compress and flatten the bosom, but when the Romans inherited them (renamed fasciae) they lowered their position to push up and emphasise the bosom.

Another classic undergarment, the zona or hip cinch, was combined with the first corsets, later stiffened with stays of whalebone and equipped with laces for tightening the waist.  In the Renaissance however, the tight bodice was again lowered, re-emphasising the breasts.

The modern corset is a one piece garment, firming and shaping the hips, pulling in the waist, pushing out the bust and providing garters for stockings. Like earlier vintage corsets, the purpose of this design is to exaggerate the secondary sexual characteristics of woman, so it should no longer come as a surprise that countless men are stimulated by the mere thought of one.  It is well known that corset shop window displays were sources of of erotic arousal, and that women’s magazine ads and department store catalogues served an older 1940-50′s generation as their only erotica.

Vintage corsets and other examples of lingerie are once again in demand as a new generation of collectors and clothing fetishists are avidly following this renewed interest in 1940-1950′s fashions.

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